Unbelievable Product

I have got to let you know that the Mallanders and Sallanders cream is amazing!! My cob is semi retired and living out and the backs of his knees have been bad. I am VERY sceptical about claims of new creams etc advertised as helping for problems..... well i am very impressed by the Mallanders and Sallanders cream. I have used it as directed for a week and scabs are gone and smooth skin with no pain........ unbelievable.. thank you for this product.

A product that really works

Just thought I would share my experience of Farriers Mallender & Sallender Cream.... WOW does just what it says it will do and very quickly. It softened the scabs and has left lovely healthy skin beneath. Highly recommend.

Fantastic results

Never thought I would ever get this condition sorted. My Vet told me I would just have to live with it, there was nothing he could do. Used the cream for a week and the difference is amazing. My boy's legs are healing and the hair is starting to grow back. He is no longer in pain and I can pick his feet up without him objecting. Will certainly keep using this product and recommend it to anyone with this ailment.